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Hajoca serves as a complete resource for plumbing professionals and contractors nationwide. With over 450 locally-managed locations operating under 60+ regionally established trade names, we offer an extensive range of plumbing supplies and tools. Our dedicated teams are committed to providing top-notch service and expert advice, ensuring you have access to the complete resource for all your plumbing needs.

Additionally, our robust relationships with suppliers guarantee a diverse inventory, granting access to a wide range of products. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond by facilitating direct shipments and efficiently fulfilling special orders, empowering contractors to obtain materials needed for any project.

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Bathroom Fixtures

Elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic with our extensive range of top-quality fixtures. From sleek faucets to luxurious shower systems, discover the perfect blend of style and functionality for your personal oasis.

Kitchen Fixtures

Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven with our premium kitchen fixtures. Explore a diverse collection of faucets, sinks, and accessories designed to enhance both the appearance and efficiency of your culinary space.

Pipe & Fittings

Build with confidence using our comprehensive selection of pipes and fittings. Our high-quality materials ensure reliable connections and long-lasting performance for your plumbing projects.

Water Heaters

Experience uninterrupted hot water supply with our cutting-edge water heaters. From energy-efficient tankless options to reliable traditional tanks, find the perfect solution to meet your household’s hot water needs efficiently and affordably.


Stay prepared with our vast in-stock inventory of plumbing essentials. With a wide array of pipes, fittings, fixtures, and accessories readily available, you can complete your plumbing projects promptly and efficiently, keeping your workflow seamless and hassle-free.

Well & Septic

Our range of high-quality supplies ensures that your well and septic systems operate reliably and efficiently. We provide everything you need to ensure clean water access and effective waste management for these critical systems.

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