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Online Services2024-06-07T19:49:19-04:00
Supply web website on computer and phone

Working With Hajoca Brands Has Never Been Easier!

Many of our stores have online ordering capabilities. Contact your store today to see if you can order online.

  • Order Products Anywhere, Anytime

  • View Your Existing Orders, Bids & Invoices

  • Search By Your Own Part Numbers

  • See Real-Time Product Availability

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eCommerce User Guide:

See website and app features, functionality, instructions, and best practices.

  • Visit your local distributor website and select Register
  • Fill in the form and then submit
  • No register button? Contact your location for set up

Website: Select the Login / Register button in the top right of the page. Then, click on the “Yes please, register now!” button. Fill in the required information and submit.

screen grab of supply web - register for account

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Account Dashboard2024-05-23T14:22:52-04:00

Easy access to account information to view and/or easily reorder!

  • Contact Information
  • View Invoices
  • Open Orders / Bids
  • Order History
  • Settings
  • Edit Users

You also have the ability to change the settings on the shopping cart, and maintain credit card info (if set up). Give others access to order from one account with the Edit Users capability.

screen grab of supply web - my account

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  • Use categories to easily find products
  • Search by keyword, UPC, model number, & more
  • Filter results by vendor, material, size, & more
  • Check real-time stock and pricing
screen grab of supply web - product search

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Check Inventory Availability2024-02-09T15:10:13-05:00
  • Check real-time stock and pricing before adding to cart, placing order, or going to the location.
  • Check stock on multiple items at the same time by adding them to the shopping cart – allowing you to save time and know before you arrive!
  • On the product details, click the “View Total Stock” link to view the inventory for that product at your location or surrounding locations. *Varies based on your location
screen grab of supply web - view inventory

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View Product Details2024-05-23T14:22:19-04:00

Where available the Product Details may include options to view or download:

    • Specification Sheets (Spec Sheets): manufacturer features and functionalities on the products
    • Installation Instructions: to help you properly install and maintain products
    • Owner’s Manual
    • Vendor Website
    • Replacement Parts Guide
    • Warranty Information, etc
screen grab of supply web - additional details

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Similar Items2024-05-23T14:22:03-04:00

Check color options and availability before ordering or going to the location.

screen grab of supply web - similar items

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Compare Items2024-02-09T15:17:31-05:00
  • Make an educated decision by comparing item specifications before making a selection.
  • From the compare screen easily add items to the cart or to a Group for quick ordering and reference.
screen grab of supply web

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My Groups2024-05-23T14:21:53-04:00
  • Helps organize frequently ordered products and save time!
  • Set up your own personalized catalogs.
  • How to use:
    • From the Top Menu, choose My Groups to create a new product group or manage an existing product group.
    • Add products easily from any product page or search list by selecting the product and choose ADD TO GROUP button.
screen grab of supply web - manage groups

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  • Easily add products to Favorites to save for review later, compare products, add to your existing groups, or create new groups.
  • You can also add favorites directly to your shopping cart for easy checkout!
screen grab of supply web - add to favorites

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Order Tools2024-05-23T14:21:43-04:00

Reorder Pad

  • View a list of products you have ordered in the past and quickly add to cart.


  • Quickly enter multiple custom part numbers or add products when working off a takeoff sheet or a list of products.

Upload Order File

  • Export your order into a CSV or TXT file and then upload into the Upload Order File from the main menu.

Download Price Book

  • Download your stock, reorder pad, or customer part numbers as a Price Book.

Special Order Item

  • If there is a special product or non-stock item you need, create a special order by filling out the required fields and submitting to the location.
screen grab of supply web - order tools

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Download Our eCommerce Solutions Guide
Interactive PDF outlining features, functionality, and step-by-step instructions

representation of supply web pdf manual
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