From Key Stops to Key Player

Shaping Plumbing History for Over a Century and a Half

Our History

In 1858, one enterprising individual invested his life savings of $200 to start a business grinding key stops for plumbers in Philadelphia. More than 150 continuous years of service later, that business is known as Hajoca Corporation. Hajoca has a robust history of helping to shape advances in plumbing. But we attribute our success to two simple truths – a unique business philosophy and talented people.

Our Company Timeline


William S. Cooper invested his life savings of $200 to start a business grinding key stops for plumbers in Philadelphia.

plumbing keystop


Thomas J. Jones, a master bricklayer, joined Cooper as a junior partner in the firm Cooper & Jones. He assumed full control of a new phase of business – manufacturing sanitary fixtures and other plumbing materials.

Portrait of Thomas Jones


Joel Cadbury joined the firm in 1867 forming Cooper, Jones & Cadbury.

Portrait of Joel Cadbury


The company expanded its line of products to include bathtubs, water closets and lavatories, which led to the opening of the first showroom on Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia.

picture of Philadelphia showroom in 1880's


William H. Haines joined the company.

Portrait of William Haines


Founder William Cooper retired and the company name changed to Haines, Jones & Cadbury.

illustration of door


The company began using the trade name, HAJOCA. The name HAJOCA is derived from the last names of the three visionaries who saw a demand for indoor plumbing (a relatively new concept in the 19th century) and vowed to make it easily available: William H. HAines, Thomas J. JOnes and Joel CAdbury: HAJOCA for short.

Hajoca Oval Logo


Hajoca honored William Penn, the most prominent Quaker in Pennsylvania history, by adopting as its trademark the 37-foot tall statue of him, which stands atop Philadelphia’s City Hall. This US trademark is one of the oldest in existence today.

statue of William Penn


Haines Jones & Cadbury had 14 locations from Philadelphia to Florida. They merged with three well-known companies to officially form Hajoca Corporation, becoming one of the largest plumbing, heating and industrial supply houses in the US.

Photo of Hajoca's office in 1920's


Hajoca continued its southern expansion into Orlando, Florida.

Outline of Florida with background of Florida map


Hajoca finalized the purchase to become privately owned once again. This transition allowed Hajoca to focus even more on core values and commitment to serving our customers with the personal touch and dedication that have defined us since 1858.

Hajoca Logos Old & New


The company expanded significantly through acquisitions; and, consistent with the decentralized business model, the “new” profit centers continued to operate using the same names they had when they were acquired, preserving the local identities, the people and the business practices that customers came to know and value.

collage of Hajoca brands


Hajoca Corporation continued its trajectory of growth and successfully entered the pool industry in Florida, expanding our portfolio and bringing our expertise and commitment to quality to a new market. This strategic move allows us to better serve our customers in the Sunshine State, providing innovative solutions and exceptional service in the pool industry.

tropical florida pool


Hajoca currently operates under more than 60 different trade names, each of which is well-recognized and trusted within their local communities as well as across the country. These trade names carry a reputation for quality, reliability, and exceptional service, reflecting our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our diverse customer base nationwide.

Hajoca employee group photo