Plumbing Trends and Future

While many may not have thought about the future of plumbing, at Hajoca we think about it daily. The plumbing landscape is constantly evolving and about so much more than just pipes and fixtures. In this article, we list some of the most interesting and upcoming trends in the industry.

A huge trend across nearly all industries is improved convenience through effortless and intuitive features. This is a shift to integrating features that are not only efficient but intuitive, aligning directly with our lives. But how does this focus on convenience correlate to plumbing? Automatic, motion-sensor opening and closing used for doors, lids, and running water. Safety-centric designs such as walk-in showers and tubs to accommodate all age groups and physical abilities to ensure inclusion and comfort for all. Plumbing systems are even now equipped with self-cleaning programs based on usage or custom-set schedules allowing for one less concern or to-do item. These innovations and more all ensure users the utmost convenience and ease in an everyday experience.

Plumbing has embraced the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent products, and smart technologies allowing products to become intelligent, responsive, and seamlessly interconnected. Voice-enabled fixtures like faucets can now effortlessly and precisely fill a pot with the right amount of water at the perfect temperature. Creating custom profiles for users that can remember who does or doesn’t like a heated seat, water pressure preferences, and more. The industry continues to create smart solutions that meet people’s evolving needs for efficiency and convenience.

Gone are the days of every bathroom and kitchen looking the same or even having the same uniform fixtures in identical shades. Expressing your individual style through your plumbing fixtures is now fully possible. Defying the traditional white porcelain standard, you can now choose from custom color options to intricately designed sinks that look more like a work of art. This departure from conformity welcomes a new era in design diversity that will continue into the future.

There has been an increased focus on individual wellness and self-care, much of which focuses on spa-like experiences at home. Crafting the spa experience is now more possible than ever making the bathroom a sanctuary of relaxation, rejuvenation, and indulgence. Warm water cleaning, gentle warm air drying, rain shower heads, luxury bath jets, and more transform daily necessities into a luxury experience. Looking ahead innovations will continue to push this spa experience at home so users feel clean, refreshed, and pampered.

These are only some of the incredible plumbing trends we’re excited about and see expanding in the future. We can’t wait to see what else is yet to come.