From Tradition to Modernism

The roots at Hajoca run very deep, back to 1858, when its reputation as a reliable plumbing distributor first started. We have built upon this strong foundation of commitment, innovation, and dedication to ensure success, modernism, and growth for the future.

Hajoca’s early founders had the vision to make the new concept of indoor plumbing a reality for more people. They began small and with a singular focus on grinding key stops for plumbers in Philadelphia, PA. Just four years later the company’s scope expanded to include sanitary fixtures and other plumbing materials. Continuing their growth momentum, they expanded their offerings to bathtubs, water closets, and lavatories. Simultaneously, the company expanded its presence to physical showrooms and brought on additional partners. They became one of the largest plumbing, heating, and industrial supply houses in the US eventually further diversifying into the pool industry, waterworks, and HVAC.

This rich tradition has been a cornerstone of Hajoca’s success, adapting to changing times while adhering to timeless values. Building on this strong tradition they have continued their philosophy of staying ahead of trends, focused on the future, and offering people what they want and need. Hajoca employees’ pulse on market trends and commitment to anticipating future needs continue to shape advancements in plumbing, HVAC, wholesale supply, and more through their close vendor relationships, industry associations, and valued customer connections.

While Hajoca’s tradition and foundation are important parts of this successful company their commitment to excellence, adaptability, and forward-looking vision pushes the company toward a promising future.